Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Madara Horseman

Rising from the plains below the Madara plateau is a sight to behold. The Madara plateau has been a sacred place since early man and still stands as a place of interest due to the huge mural of a horseman that is carved high into te cliff face.

Due to the test of time the Madara horseman has become badly eroded but when you stand at the foot of the cliff it is an awesome sight to behold. We know the Madara horseman is at least 1300 years old but the exact date still remains a mystery.

The Madara horseman does carry one clue to it's age by the faded Greek writing found next to it which commemorates the military victory by Khan Tervel (Son of the great Bulgarian Khan Asparuh) in 705AD.

Does this monument celebrate the triumph of the Proto-Bulgarians...the ancestors of todays Bulgarians?

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