Saturday, August 11, 2012

Energy Sweets Imported from Bulgaria

Over a decade ago the kids and adults of today were always on the lookout for the fizzy sweets that reminded them of fizzy drinks, these included the likes of the fizzy cola bottles we all enjoyed. Times have changed and everyone is on the lookout for something else, this something else being energy drinks and energy sweets.

Energy drinks have been around for a while and have become big business. Energy sweets are more of a niche area where you cannot readily get your hands on these sweets containing Caffeine, Guarana & Taurine to give you a kick.

Many have asked why the energy sweet market is not bulging given that it offers a massive potential in the same way as the energy drink market. The answer to this could be down to the manufacturers, or it could be the buyers.

The manufacturers may not want to spend money trying to develop these new and innovative sweets. They will also be mindful of regulations on the sweets themselves for the quantity of caffeine and other products they can use in the ingredients.

The buyers on the other hand may not realise what the general purchaser is looking for and because of this they are missing a trick with energy sweets.

In the UK there are a few energy dextrose tabs available, but no real energy sweets other than those imported from elsewhere. Because of this a new and interesting market is starting to take shape as these sweets become sought after products by the general public.

The question to ask is why are people interested in sweets with an energy kick?

The kick of an energy drink is something people use to keep themselves awake and alert during work shift patterns, or simply as an alternative to coffee. The problem with energy drinks is the fact that they cannot easily be stored and carried around if you are on the move.

Once open, energy drinks really need to be fully consumed so you can have the short term benefits, but not sustained longer term alertness they offer.

sweets offering an energy kick are a more subtle and easy to carry option; you can carry sweets in your pocket or store them in the car with ease. Also energy sweets can be taken in small quantities when you feel the need so you can sustain your alertness without overloading yourself on caffeine like you would by drinking multiple can of energy drinks (which is not advisable).

Overall there is a growing market for caffeine sweets and other varieties offering energy kicks and it is a market that is currently not largely saturated so it offers businesses a huge potential in revenue growth.

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