Saturday, November 15, 2014

Bulgaria Average Living Cost

Many thinking of moving to Bulgaria, or just with a general interest in the country, will wonder what the average living cost on a monthly basis may be.

Whilst we have looked and have a general understanding on the living cost, this detail was take in November 2014 so inflation and time does need to be taken into account if your looking at these Bulgarian average living costs in the future.

We have not included rent or mortgage amounts in the following and it also doesn't include running a vehicle either.

With this in mind, lets look at the overall Bulgarian average living costs by month:

Electricity - 120 leva (takes into account seasonal usage in Winter for heating)
Water - 40 leva
TV - 12.49 leva (Premium package from Blizoo)
Mobile phone - 20 leva
Apartment block (service charge cleaning) - 10 leva
Food - 250 leva

TOTAL - 452.49 levs

This equates to £185.09 / $294.51 / €235.13

Adding the rent/mortgage to this will have a major impact, but if your looking to move to Bulgaria and have enough to do so without the need of rent or mortgage then the above shows how it can be a low cost living!

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