Sunday, August 06, 2006

Bulgarian Cuisine

I LOVE Bulgarian food, it tastes great and some of it is so simple to make and it is good for you too.

For the next few days I will post different Bulgarian recipes that are easy to make and taste great, this way you can have a little piece of Bulgaria in your home and maybe surprise your family and friends with your culinary skills.

The first recipe is for Tarator, Tarator is on the EU list of national dishes for Bulgaria.


Tarator is a cold dish that Bulgarians drink in the summer time as it's a great dish to have while sitting out in the sun. Tarator is eaten like a soup but you would class it more as a salad.

Ingredients for Tarator - Feeds 4 or more

One cucumber, pot of natural yoghurt (500 ml), garlic cloves or fennel leaves, walnuts, salt, vegetabel oil and vinegar.

Making Tarator

Grate the cucumber

Dilute the Yoghurt with water (2 parts water to 3 parts yoghurt) - You can adjust to your own taste

If you have chosen garlic then grate the garlic cloves / if you chose fennel leaves cut them into small lengths of about one centimetre

Crush your walnuts into small pieces (not too small)

Mix all your ingredients together in the bowl and add the salt, vinegar and oil to your taste.

Now you have made Tarator, serve as a starter to a main meal or as a salad.

My favourite way of making Tarator is using fennel leaves instead of garlic and I tend not to use oil and only add a pinch of salt and drop of vinegar.

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