Sunday, July 30, 2006

Assenovgrad a Bulgarian Town


Population 52,000 inhabitnats

Assenovgrad is a town some 19 kilometres from the city of Plovdiv that is steeped in history, has the sacred Bachkovo Monastery close by and dates back to the Thracian period. Assenovgrad is situated in the foothills of the Rhodope mountains and is cut into two halves by the Assenitsa river.

The Assenova fortress which is a historical monument that is mentioned during the History of Bulgaria as the home of the Bulgarian ruler Ivan Asen II is situated only two kilometres from Assenovgrad and dates back to the Thracian period.

Today assenovgrad is known as the "Town of brides" due to the large amount of Wedding gown makers and retailers in the Town, in Bulgaria Assenovgrad has become very famous for this one reason and also for it's wine production.

When I married my wife we visited Assenovgrad and had her wedding dress made there and I can say the quality was second to none and the prices were amazing.

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