Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Traditional Bulgarian dance - The Horo

The horo is a traditional Bulgarian dance were everyone holds the hands or belts of someone next to them, form a line or circle and dances to traditional Bulgarian folk music.

The dances are normally made of a group of steps, an example would be stepping to the right three times (1+2+3) then kicking with your left leg then kicking with your right leg and stepping 3 times again while holding your neighbours hands.

The horo can be performed as a slow dance or a fast dance and sometimes you will find it can be a mix of slow and fast dancing in one song which is very enjoyable.

I danced many different horo on my wedding day which is a tradition. First I danced outside the block of my wifes family before going to the church, then when we got to our reception we started the first horo (of many).

If you have never watched or joined in a horo, I can tell you it is an enjoyable sight and dance to behold.

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