Monday, July 17, 2006

Bulgarian Currency - The Lev

Count 100 stotinki and you get a Lev, the Lev is the currency of Bulgaria and is issued by the Bulgarian National Bank.

The current Lev has been in existence since early 1999 when the government passed a package of laws to regulate the currency. The old Lev was changed at a ratio of 1,000:1 (one thousand old lev = one current lev), the Bulgarian National Bank distributed new notes and coins throughout 1999 and after 31st December 1999 the old currency ceased to exist.

1 Bulgarian Lev roughly =

64 American Cents
51 European Cents
40 British Pence

The average wage for a Bulgarian is roughly 300 Levs a month which is about

194 American Dollars
155 Euro
106 British Pound

I have to admit I am very fond of the lev and I always keep a one Lev coin in my wallet for luck.

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Poly said...

I am proud with you!

"Good luck" from one bulgarian girl in Canada!