Friday, July 28, 2006

Famous Bulgarians

Below is a list of famous Bulgarians and the reasons why

Khan Asparukh - Born in the first half 7th century AD

Son of Khan Khubrat and Founder of what is Bulgaria today

Vasil Levski - 1837-1873

Leader of the national revolutionary movement against the Ottoman empire for Bulgaria's liberation

Georgi Ivanov - 1940 -

First Bulgarian Cosmonaut

Veselin Topalov - 1975-Present

FIDE World Chess Champion

Hristo Stoitchkov

World famous footballer in the 1990's and captain of the Bulgarian national team

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Anonymous said...


Upon your Official List of Bulgarian Celebrity persons I am seeing five names only? So possibly this is meaning "Toasted Wizard" is Officially Sixth most Famous Person in all Glorious Nation Bulgaria?

Mnogo blagodaria!
Leka nosht!