Thursday, July 20, 2006

Bulgarian Natural Springs

Bulgaria is abundant in hot isothermal water springs, there are well over 1600 springs ranging in temperates of 10 to 100 degrees centigrade. The water coming from the springs is clear and so well preserved from oxidants that you can actually drink it straight from the ground (some of you may not believe this, but I have drank water straight from the springs at the Bachkovo Monastery near Assenovgrad).

The isothermal water springs in Bulgaria are believed to be a great source of medicine against many illnesses such as cardiovascular, metabolic and those of the central nervous system although there is no scientific proof to approve or disprove these claims.

There are many mineral water companies who use the water from springs to bottle and sell to the public, the two mineral water companies I know of are Gorna Bania and Bankya. The water is probably the best water I have ever drank.

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