Tuesday, July 18, 2006

CHALGA - Bulgarian Music :o)

Chalga is a popular musci in Bulgaria, it originates from old Bulgarian folk music and is often classed as the Bulgarian pop music.

I love Chalga music and listen to it alot, one thing I can say is the Chalga "scene" in Bulgaria is extremely commercially expoited and the singers are all medically enhanced by one way or another (shouldn't that be two ways hehe), there is even one such singer called Azis a male who cross dresses to an outrageous level and has enhanced lips...and if you heard his music you would love it.

Most Chalga songs are about love, losing love, finding love, making love, everythnig about love.

Where ever you go in Bulgaria (besides the really small villages) you are sure to here Chalga music blaring out from a cafe or someones car, it seems to be the most followed music in Bulgaria and I for one agree it should be.

Chalga is number one :o)

It seems strange that in the communist era Chalga music was frowned upon because it was deemed to have no real place in a modern socialist state.

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