Thursday, July 27, 2006

My Personal Bulgarian Experiences

I wanted to talk today about my own personal Bulgarian experiences, I love Bulgaria dearly, my heart lays deep within this beautiful country I have come to call my home (even though I'm in England). My wife is Bulgarian and we met on my first visit to this wonderful country in 2004, my love not only lays with the country but with the amazing people who live in Bulgaria.

The Bulgarian people are so hospitable and friendly, even though they don't have the money of you and I, they will always do what ever they can to make you feel welcome into their home. I have made many wonderful friends in Bulgaria and miss them all very much, they have become my best friends, even the ones who don't speak English when my Bulgarian was not so good we still managed to enjoy each others company.

The country is full of beautiful, untouched landscapes that would not look out of place in a pre human film. With mountains, natural springs, many rivers, grasslands and forests.

The traditions are the most wonderful I have eever seen, full of history and also a great way of seeing how the amazin people of Bulgaria share some great moments together with loved ones.

I wish to live in this great country one day, if the possibility arises (money always plays a part in these things).

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