Friday, July 21, 2006

Religion in Bulgaria

The main religion in Bulgaria is Bulgarian Orthodox Christianity, it is believed that over 83% of the Bulgarian population are members of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church. The Orthodox monasteries in Bulgaria are held in high regard, many of the Bulgarian monasteries hold many significant religous artifacts like the Bachkovo monastery near Assenovgrad that holds the ashes of many Saints and a piece of the Cross that Christ was crucified on.

I have been Christianed as a Bulgarian Orthodox Christian and was married in an Orthodox Church, I must say the churches are beautiful places to be, they are full of icons and burning candles (the candles are lit in prayer for a loved one).

The Bulgarian priests have a full beard and have to be married before becoming a priest, only the monks residing in Bulgarian monasteries sacrifice the right to marriage in Bulgaria.

When the Bulgarian priests recite from the Bible they more or less chant with a compelling, beautiful sound.

Below you can see a picture of my Christianing, I am holding the candle.

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