Saturday, July 22, 2006

Bulgarian MEZE

I spoke briefly about meze in a previous post but thought I would explain more in detail about this great traditional snack. Meze is a selection of small dishes which are eaten with alcohol like Rakia or Bira (Bulgarian for beer), almost like a little buffet or appetizers.

You can find Meze in different countries from Serbia to Lebanon, although they are called by different names in some of these countries.

The Bulgarian Meze can be cheese, meat (normally sausages of different varieties), Egg with herbs on them, gherkins, salads and many other different varieties of foods. The main Meze that is eaten is Sirene which is a Bulgarian white cheese similar to Feta but with a different, smooth taste and sausages like Lukanka and Elena which are different meats mixed with various spices like red pepper, salt, cumin and garlic then left to dry for a few weeks.

It can also depend on what drink you are having to what meze you may eat, according to my father in law certain meze compliment certain drinks.

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