Saturday, July 08, 2006

Bulgarian Alphabet

The Bulgarian alphabet is the Slavic alphabet and has been used in Bulgaria since 855AD

The Bulgarian alphabet differs greatly from the latin alphabet because it has alot more letters and contains sounds that cannot be found in the latin alphabet of today. You will notice alot of the letters are sounds which are made up of groups of latin letters and the Bulgarian alphabet does not have letters that sounds like X or Q.
When pronouncing the Bulgarian alphabet you use shorter, harder pronounciation compared to the latin alphabet as you will see below.

The Bulgarian Alphabet

A a (Like a in bath)
Б б (Like b in boat)
В в (Like v in victory)
Г г (Like g in great)
Д д (Like d in dent)
Е е (Like e in let)
Ж ж (Like s measure)
З з (Like z in zipper)
И и (Like i in hit)
Й й (Like y in yes)
К к (Like c in cold)
Л л (Like l in love)
М м (Like m in mother)
Н н (Like n in never)
О о (Like a in ball)
П п (Like p in power)
Р р (Rolled like a Scottish r)
C c (Like s in supper)
Т т (Like t in tell)
У у (Like oo in boot)
Ф ф (Like f in fever)
Х х (Like h in hot)
Ч ч (Like ch in chat)
Ц ц (Like ts in cats)
Ш ш (Like sh in cash)
Щ щ (Like sht)
Ь ь (Like ea in earings)
Ю ю (Like you as in the word you)
Я я (Like you in young)

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